July 18, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Frank Luntz vs. The Forward

The NY Times reports today that pollster Frank Luntz is going after the Forward for its reporting on his study of campus anti-Israel activity.

According to Times reporter Sarah Ivry,

Mr. Luntz became angered after reading a June 24 article about his recent report assessing graduate students' attitudes toward Israel. Mr. Luntz dashed off an incensed e-mail message to J. J. Goldberg, the paper's editor. Rather than ask for a retraction or correction, he pledged to disparage The Forward at meetings of Jewish donors where Mr. Luntz regularly speaks. Maybe, he wrote, "an advertising boycott of The Forward might help the publication refocus on accuracy and get it right in the future."

Luntz's references to "accuracy" implies that the Forward had asserted something that was untrue. But reading the original article makes it clear that Luntz was angry that the Forward quoted critics of his study. (In the study, Luntz asserts that "Never in the modern history of the Jewish State has there been more outspoken public opposition on elite college campuses to the basic principles and tenets of Israel.")

Ivry let Luntz off the hook, and turns it into too much of a he said/ he said, by not putting directly to him the question, "What was erroneous about the Forward's report? Did the newspaper misquote your critics?"

Luntz is also quoted as saying that the Forward editors

consistently spin articles "with their own political bias: liberal."

But Ivry might also have asked, "Since when did concern about anti-Semitism become a working definition of conservatism? The ADL is often blasted by RIGHT-wing groups for being too alarmist about anti-Semitism. How does the Forward's reporting on criticism of your findings by a coalition tht includes AIPAC and Hillel suggest a liberal bias?"

UPDATE: Omnicom, the world's largest advertising group, has bought a 70% stake in US market research and strategy consulting agency Luntz Research.

Doesn't "Omnicom" sound like it should be the name of the evil corporation in every James Bond movie?


Have you seen the paper edition of the Forward recently? I don't think they have enough advertising to lose anything to a boycott.

Posted by: David Kelsey at July 18, 2005 4:00 PM
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