July 5, 2005

by Reb Yudel
This is Luke Ford's brain on crystal meth

An email just sent to Luke Ford:

OK. So JWB, who has refused to provide any evidence that he is not a convicted sex offender on a state watch list, thinks he has made a case against Yori Yanover.

I must say, Luke, you set the bar ridiculously low, both in terms of evidence and in terms of alleged crime.

JWB is attempting to smear Yori.... but with what, exactly? Of liking Bill Hicks? Of pointing to a web site supporting a reasonable interpretation of the First Amendment? Of being a database programmer who was, in 1999, more capable with a VAX than with Microsoft Access? Of having a tacky email address like turbojew@jewishmail.com? If those posts were Yori's... well, so what, exactly? It's hardly as embarassing as some of the stuff you've admitted to. And it's not criminal, unlike certain unsolved crimes for which JWB has refused to provide an alibi.

You asked me: "Do you think this is your friend Yori? Do you know anything about this?"

That's not reporting. A reporter would have asked: Does your friend Yori know anything about database programming? Did he have a project in the fall of 1999 involving Microsoft Access?

The answer is no, and no. So it couldn't possibly be Yori.

And, were it not for the visceral dislike I share with Yori for the Rovian notion that innocence must be constantly proven, I might have replied two hours ago about my knowledge of Yori's programming abilities. (But why, again, is that anybody's business?)

But I write this not to clear Yori's name and reputation, but to savage yours.

I replied to your email originally: "I've tried to lead JWB to lucid thought in the past; I'm not going to bother now. You will simply have to look at all the relevant usenet posts (there
aren't that many, even when you include those from the email address
that don't include the Yanover name) and decide for yourself."

Apparently, that was too much work for you too.

A thoughtful person might have asked, why would Yori use an email address and post on Usenet for only three months? Real programmers query usenet over a long period of time. For example, one Yori's former employers posted queries about Access database programming in both 1996 and 1999.

A thoughtful person might also ask why, if turbojew@jewishmail.com was Yori, why did he sign at least one usenet posting as Gary B.?

A thoughtful person might realize there are two possibilities here: One that Yori's name had been hijacked by someone else (as Yori had previously explained regarding the domain registration of some sight or another -- an explanation that JWB acknowledged but you didn't quote). The other is that Yori himself put up the web site and wrote the related postings.

So really, which is more plausible: That someone would put up a controversial web site using a "borrowed" identity and disposable email address? Or that someone would put up such a web site using his *own* name... and a disposable email address?

So we have an effort so smear Yori as promoting crystal meth, based on evidence that can't sustain a moment's thought... and you run with it, Luke.

If nothing else, you've proven that you aren't a very competent excuse for a journalist.

But, since two can play the game of innuendo and accusation, I challenge you and JWB to:

1) State whether you agree or disagree with the message of the crystal meth web site

2) Prove that you weren't in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

3) Provide evidence that you're not a member of The Awareness Center Board

4) Prove that you're not Vicki Polin

3) Decide whether you are trying to bring out the truth in hopes of making the world a better case, shed some blood to gain readers, or just go after people who out blood libelists.


Thanks a lot, man, just when I was going for a job interview as VAX programmer. And I used your name as a reference, too!

Incidentally, when I program, the VAX is extra!

Posted by: Yori yanover at July 6, 2005 12:09 AM
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