May 29, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Why faith is not a good basis for being a Republican

The prooftexts are Christian, but Slacktivist's list of classical Christian views on Private property apply -- perhaps not as strongly -- to Jewish sources too:

But it is hypocrisy and nonsense when contemporary Christians who have sold off and abandoned every vestige of the traditional Christian understanding of wealth turn around and insist that the Christian understanding of sexuality is fixed, immutable and eternal. These people strain at the gnat of same-sex love while swallowing the camel of credit card usury. They are so obsessed with their mistaken belief that they live in the most promiscuous society of all time that they have failed to notice they live in the most affluent, the haughtiest, proudest and least concerned with the poor.

Slacktivist also reminds us that JPII no more joined the Republican party than he joined Hitler youth:
Allow me to quote again from the late John Paul II's encyclical On Human Work:

The church's constant teaching on the right to private property and ownership of the means of production differs radically from the collectivism proclaimed by Marxism, but also from the capitalism practiced by liberalism and the political systems inspired by it. In the latter case the difference consists in the way the right to ownership and property is understood. Christian tradition never upheld this right as absolute and untouchable. It has always understood it as subordinated to the fact that the goods of this world are meant for all.
Christians cannot speak of being "pro-private property" without also insisting that any understanding of private property is subordinate to the common good, to what is often called "the universal destination of goods." Pastor Ted is wandering off and should take care lest he be pierced with many griefs.

Yes, there are many differences between US and THEM.

Posted by: ClooJew at May 31, 2005 3:38 PM
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