May 16, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Yori Yanover, Threatened by 'Victim Advocate' 'WhistleBlower', Unveils the Anonymous who Roared

Short version: The bloggers will probably be dragged through the legal system long before the rabbis they've been blogging about.

Long version: As noted here last week, Yori "blogging since 1995" Yanover outted Vicki "blogging Jewish sex crimes" Polin as 'Rachel', the cult victim / blood libelist who appeared on Oprah to claim she had been forced to kill a baby as part of an abusive Jewish cult.

This prompted Vicki Polin to decide that Yori's friend, Rabbi J. Hershy Worch, was yet again a threat to Jewish women everywhere -- despite the fact that he currently holds no pulpit and teaches in no school.

When Yori posted about that vindictive move, "Jewish Whistleblower' aka "me" aka ??? emerged from his/her Canadian Internet connection to threaten Yori. Charging that Yori was failing to report income, "Jewish Whistleblower" wrote

If he does not come clean and make full restitution on behalf of his friend in less than 48 hours, I will be forced to make the full details of this public in order to protect Jewish children who have been deprived of food on their plate by Yoram's alleged actions.

For the record, Yori claims that annual sales of Rabbi Worch's tapes have so far been well below the level requiring him to file a form 1099 with IRS. (Whether that claim is plausible depends on how popular you view Rabbi Worsch).

I want to note an important point here in JWB's language: He will be "forced" by Yoram's "alleged actions."

Talk about a willful denial of responsibility.

JWB claims he is above the realm of choice; he is, like Jacob our father in the haggadah, anus al pi hadibur, compelled by God's word, to do what he does.

Yori responded today by challenging the basis of anonymous accusations, starting with Worch's alleged disgruntled ex-girlfriend. Those of us who have been paying attention to this whole sordid mess since it first began staining the pages of the now-defunct Protocols blog a year ago aren't at all surprised by this move. After all, JWB had then held up threats to Yanover, his family and his livelihood as the steps he would be "forced" to make if details about various alleged victims were made public in message board (which, for the record, were not under Yanover's control). Having prematurely launched his threatened assault for other reasons (apparently, a combination of vengeance on behalf of Vicki Polin and the apparent spite of Worch's ex-wife), JWB shouldn't be surprised that this information is coming out now.

Where this all is heading, I have no idea. (It is interesting to note that Luke Ford so far has not weighed in on the lastest twists.) Whether any of this rises to criminal harassment is up to the lawyers to decided. If they get involved, then JWB will no doubt be dragged away from his anonymity, as email and telephone records are subpoenaed by those involved in the battle.

Meanwhile, of course, if any of the rabbis fingered by Vicki's Awareness Center are actually guilty of anything, they must be laughing all the way to the.... well, wherever sleazy rabbis go where they laugh. JWB and Vicki have, no doubt inadvertently, focused the discussion squarely on the accusers rather than the accused. Real victims -- and their real advocates -- deserved much better.

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