May 12, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Michael Medved renounces Judeo-Christian values

The Torah says: m'dvar sheker tirhak, distance yourself from lies. Too bad Michael Medved was listening at Sinai, as
Rock the Vote Blog reports:

So then he starts calling me a liar for saying that there are politicians who want to get rid of Social Security entirely.

Why is worth going after Medved and other similar hacks?

Because they're contributing to the culture of lies and propaganda which threatens American democracy, my gay family members, and American Jews. (In that order. Remember: According to the famous poem, first they came for the communists and trade unionists. Jews were very far down on the original Nazi list.)

Medved, of course, will be safe.And some day, him and his ilk will be celebrated the way we today celebrate, in song and film, the brave kapos of 60 years ago.


Al Franken played the transcript today before a live audience at LA's Friars Club. Hilarious. The best line is Medved saying, "Bush wasn't supporting privatization, he was merely describing it."

Posted by: andy at May 13, 2005 2:27 PM
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