May 12, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Drug war corrodes Torah values in America

A key basis of Torah law is that the rich and the poor receive the same justice. Not so in prohibition America, according to this article from CityPages

Kevin Kuntz, 39, was facing life in prison after task force agents found several methamphetamine labs at his home. He received 90 days in prison, followed by eight years' probation, in exchange for $100,000, according to his attorney, Fred Marsh.

Also arrested at the Little Elm house on the same charges as Mr. Kuntz were Glenn Boliver, 37, of Lake Dallas, and Patrick Pappas, 40, of Watauga.

Mr. Pappas agreed in April to plead guilty to a lesser charge and received a 12-year prison sentence. Mr. Boliver's case went to federal court, where he pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in September and was sentenced 19 years in prison.

His [Boliver's] attorney, Clifton Holmes, said, "My guy didn't have $100,000."

I imagine that one consequence of the focus on the ethics violation of army recruiters will be a policy shift, in which joining the imperial legion overseas will wipe out juvenile drug offenses....

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