May 11, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Is Vicki Polin a confessed murderer?

"When I was very young, I was forced to participate in that [ritual] in which I had to sacrifice an infant." -- 'Rachel', The Oprah Winfrey Show, 1989
When that show was aired, the Anti Defamation League jumped to attack Oprah Winfrey for irresponsibly allowing a woman to broadcast the blood libel on the basis of "recovered memories."

Now, it appears that the woman with the wild claims is none other than Vicki Polin, founder of The Awareness Center, the Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault. So claim Yori Yanover and Luke Ford. I tried researching the allegations a while back, and was able to determine that Vicki was working in 1989 for the same Chicago organization that the pseudonymous 'Rachel' was working for.

If Vicki is Rachel, here's the key question: Was Vicki Polin raised by a murdering Sabbatian cult? Or is she a victim of false memory syndrome?

If the former, then the highest moral priority would be to prosecute the cult. To start with, shouldn't her parents be investigated? If that level of evil is happening in the Chicago Jewish community, what excuse is there for Vicki and her collaborators to be wasting their time posting every Israeli sex crime on the Awareness Center web site?

And if 'Rachel's story is false -- as I am quite inclined to believe -- what does that say about Vicki and her judgement? What does that say about the presumption that accusers are always telling the truth?

Or in other words: If the allegations are true, and if we are to take the Awareness Center seriously, why focus on the 'survivors' of abuse when there so many innocents who didn't survive?

Why the silence?

Where is the outrage?