May 3, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Social Security Solvency made Simple

Atrios of Eschaton explains:
The only thing "to do" about Social Security is to improve its long run solvency. The only reasonable way to improve its long run solvency is to pre-fund the Trust Fund. But, we have a president running around claiming the trust fund is just a file cabinet, and a bunch of Republicans in Congress who agree. So, throwing more money into the "file cabinet" is just a way to throw more money at tax cuts for the rich. That is, in fact, what the president has told us.

Pre-funding is a sucker's game as long as the president is a liar. Well, he's a liar. Not about blowjobs, of course, but about unimportant things like your retirement. It isn't even a particular pressing issue by any standard. But, even if it was -- pre-funding the trust fund is just funding tax cuts for the wealthy as long as these people are in charge.

Bush has declared that your payroll taxes should pay for Bill Gates's tax cuts.

Why continue to enable him?

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