April 29, 2005

by Reb Yudel
What's up with the UJC?

Marty Kraar had a vision for a centrally-funded, central organization for North American Jewry. It looks like the UJC has chosen the short-term task of low expectations and parochialism. From The Jewish Week last month:

The United Jewish Communities, under the leadership of a new director who wants to refocus the agency on fund raising and service to local communities, fired a number of executives this week who were instrumental in broadening the UJC in recent years.

On Wednesday, the group dismissed Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, vice president of Jewish Renaissance and Renewal; Bob Hyfler, senior vice president for Research and Development; Rabbi Eric Lankin, director of religious and education activities; Yoav Ben-Horin, director of the agency’s Israel and Overseas pillar; and Lorraine Blass, senior planner.

Remember: It's not a 20th century American Jewish organization if it's not willing to eat the seed corn!

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