April 14, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Jew vs. Jew, Texas-style

This week the NJ Jewish News interviews David Romanoff, a businessman in Elizabeth who helped organize this week's protests against the Gaza disengagement plan as President Bush meant Prime Minister Sharon:

Romanoff, a warmly hospitable man and the father of eight, said that while he isn’t part of any formal organization or party, his views are shared by a growing number of American Jews. Romanoff brushed aside polls showing American Jews support the plan by a three-to-one margin and the expressions of support for the plan from Jewish leadership, including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which represents 52 national Jewish organizations. Ahead of Monday’s meeting, the Presidents Conference issued a statement praising Sharon’s “bold decision to implement the Disengagement Plan, a difficult and demanding action that Israel is taking in the search for security and peace in the Middle East.”

Romanoff insisted that opinion is shifting as people learn more. “We’re not reactionaries; we’re mainstream Jews,” he said.

Plus, see my full list of celebrity iPod playlists, including Columbia President Lee Bollinger's:

"Reviewing the Situation,” Oliver! soundtrack
“No One To Blame,” Anita Baker
“See No Evil,” REM
“Kids (What’s the matter with kids today?),”
Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack
“Teach Your Children,” Crosby, Stills and Nash
“We’re Not Sorry,” Urinetown soundtrack
“Til the Money Runs Out,” Tom Waits
“Brother Can You Spare a Dime?,” Yip Harburg

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