April 12, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
What else is on Bush's iPod?

What else is on Bush's iPod? YudelLine readers get a sneak peek at my column this week, which uncovers playlists of the rich and famous:

George W. Bush (Mideast peace playlist)

“With God on Our Side,” Bob Dylan
“Give Peace a Chance,” John Lennon
“Bridge Over Troubled Water,” Simon and Garfunkel
“I Want to Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles
“Please, Please, Please,” James Brown
“I Walk the Line,” Johnny Cash
“You've Got a Friend,” Carole King
“Am I Asking Too Much,” Dinah Washington
“What's He Building?” Tom Waits
“Don't Push Me,” 50 Cent
“I Should Have Stayed In Bed,” The Bee Gees

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