April 11, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Lapin's latest wildly inappropriate Nazi analogy

“My first reaction was that it was déjà vu. This was the Nazis marching in Skokie.”

-- Rabbi Daniel Lapin, leader of the Seattle-based Toward Tradition, reacting to news of a 10-day gay pride festival that will culminate in a march through Jerusalem. “I’m not saying that the homosexuals are Nazis,” Lapin continued. “I am saying that there is such a thing as deliberate provocation.”


The Lapin cite continues: “I’m not saying that the homosexuals are Nazis....I am saying that there is such a thing as deliberate provocation. To hold the march in Jerusalem, which is certainly the center of biblical civilization –- and this is the same Bible that tells us that homosexuality is immoral — is a provocation.”

I'm tired of setting the record straight on this one, especially because I'm anything but pro-homosexual on the political level. I firmly believe that the homosexual movement re-crowned Bush in 2004, for instance, not a nice thing to do. But on the combination of Homosexuals, the Bible and Jerusalem, the good rabbi must know that the Torah frowns with similar vigor on the breaking of the Sabbath in public, an offense punishable by death AND a permanent part of the Top-10 list given in Sinai. Yet, no one outside the infrequent ultra-Orthodox demonstration, is bemoaning the flagrant driving on Shabbat, USING JERUSALEM'S MUNICIPAL FUNDS which pay for traffic lights, police, etc.

Singling out the homosexual as the greatest enemies of God is a political attempt to distort our rabbinical tradition. It is one thing to be pissed off by homos on parade in Jerusalem: I also don't want anyone I disagree with to march in Jerusalem. But to go ahead with the case singling them out as the last vestige of sinfulness is a bit skewed.

The Artscroll Yom Kippur machzor does a similar job, stating (at the Mincha laining, with all the sexual issurim) that Homosexuality is the only sin defined by the Torah as To'eva, abomination, thus making it especially repugnant in the eyes of God.

That's yet another Artscrol attempt to use the Torah as a political pamphlet. It turns out the Torah also calls it To'eva when a man re-marries his devorce after the latter had bedded another man. Go figure.

Incidentally, comparing folks to the Nazis in Skokie are technically not a violation of the commandment "Thy shall not unsparingly evoke the Nazis in civilized discussion," because those are Illinois Nazis, who are to Nazism what WC Fields is to bank security.

Posted by: Yori Yanover at April 11, 2005 10:30 AM
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