April 10, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Reminder: Rabbi Lappin's pals are teaching their kids to convert your kids!

From the Forward:

"The past 12 years have seen a proliferation of evangelical Christian novels written for children and young adults that feature Jewish characters," Mark Stover declares in his report, "A Kinder, Gentler Teaching of Contempt? Jews and Judaism in Contemporary Protestant Evangelical Children's Fiction."

"Many of these books are, at their essence, conversion narratives," Stover wrote. The children's books stress the importance of "Jews converting to Christianity" and "the implicit emptiness of Jewish spirituality," according to Stover, a reference librarian at San Diego State University.

The conversion theme is alluded to in a blurb promoting the 31st installment of the junior "Left Behind" series, "Escape to Masada," which finds Israelis and Christians rushing from Jerusalem, fearing for their lives. Even amid such chaos, the blurb declares, the evangelical teenagers "continue their search for more people who need to hear the truth" about the return of Jesus.

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