March 30, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
O.U. kid

Purimshpiel from the Jewish Press:

Purim Bulletin:OU Calls For Immediate Ban On Shul Candymen

By Harris S. Judah

Coming less than 24 hours after a lengthy full-day meeting at the OU’s offices last Tuesday, the organization’s newly formed Synagogues-are-Only-for- Services (S.O.S.) advisory panel issued a carefully worded but clearly outright condemnation of shul candymen.

For some the ban was no surprise. “This is something they wanted to do for a long time,” said Rabbi David Sherbert, whose Five Towns synagogue has already taken steps to outlaw the practice. “We understand that our candyman’s upset that his talis bag is missing, but the shul’s bought him a new one — which he’ll receive right after Shabbos — and, frankly, it’s a lot nicer than the one he had before.”

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