March 28, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Zim Golly Golly: The Megillah according to Dylan

By Rabbi Don Cashman, P'nai Sholom, Albany, NY. Download the PDF

Grogger sounds ring out in the Purim night
Enter the rabbi through the synagogue door
He wears a costume, and a crazy hat
Carrying a bottle, and something more

Here is the story of the Esther Scroll
A fun holiday, a joy to behold
Especially when you do it here
Where the same old Megillah you won’t rehear
we take fun seriousleee

(ooo –ahh 2X – watch for fiddle solo)

All the Jewish rabbis wearing tallitot
Are free to drink tequila and sit and gloat
While Christian clergy prepare to promote
Their solemn holiday, I don’t mean Sukkot

Here is the story of the Esther scroll
A crazy holiday with no self-control
Especially at B’nai Sholom
Where the same old megilah takes new life
in the cold Albany night

That, of course, is only the beginning....


Am I being Too obvious when I ask if this song is to be sung to the tune of "Hurricane"?

Posted by: Bill Cohen at August 13, 2006 9:24 PM
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