March 4, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
This week in the NJ Jewish News: Saks, plugs, and absolutely no rock n' roll

New this week at the NJ Jewish News:

Reb Yudel on the Edah conference (and a profile of Jeff Saks, founder of the Israeli Modern Orthodox education outfit ATID)

A look at an effort by the Union of Reform Judaism to recruit NJ synagogues in “intense” effort to reassert a liberal religious political agenda.

And Silow-Carroll on CampusJ, and the brouhaha at Columbia:

Beery came to my attention thanks to a new Web site called CampusJ, the brainchild of journalist and blogger Steven I. Weiss. I’ve written before about Weiss, who is on a personal crusade to save Judaism and journalism from, well, folks like me.


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