March 2, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Hebrew School without the School

Homeschooling diary--by Steven Waldman on

Steven Waldman pulled his kids from Hebrew school and is trying to teach them Judaism himself. This is his "homeschooling diary."

Why Toomey's Diner Is the Ideal Place for Hebrew School
Posted February 21, 2005 | 7:22 p.m.

We often have our Hebrew school sessions in a booth at Toomey's diner. Gordon orders Belgian waffles, Joe corned beef hash with hot sauce. Plus hot chocolates. But while I'm fond of Toomey's food--best reubens in Brooklyn, I maintain--I find it is the peer support that makes it an excellent venue for religious education. Pretty much every time we've done Hebrew school there, someone from a nearby booth will stop by and say something like, "You're doing a wonderful thing! Keep it up!"

This past week Joe was looking very grumpy about having to do Hebrew school and the waitress actually challenged him: "Ok, if you don't need this, tell me what the principles of the Bible are?"

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