March 2, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Gary Rosenblatt misses the point of Daf Yomi

Gary Rosenblatt once again asks, "Why can't we just all get along?" in last week's

Jewish Week column:

Daf Yomi classes began more than eight decades ago and are attended primarily by Orthodox Jews.

Five years ago, the Conservative movement launched its own daily learning program, Perek Yomi, enlisting members to learn one chapter of the Bible each day.

Surely the leaders of the various religious movements of our country, and world Jewry, would advocate and endorse a program that could include all Jews studying a common sacred text.

What if each of us learned the same page a day of the Bible, or Ethics of the Fathers, or other chosen texts, in classes or individually?

The power of the text, and of binding us together, one Jew to another, would not only heighten our sense of unity but provide us with a common language that may lead us to spending more time talking to, and learning from, each other.

What makes him think that Agudah wants Jews bound together by anything other than its own auspices? What makes him think Agudah trusts the amcha to actually read-and-comprehend a text? Isn't part of the wonder of Daf Yomi its ongoing message that the learner isn't competent to study without the aid of the Sage, whether as maggid shiur or ArtScroll author?