February 28, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Annals of frum landscape design

Haaretz - Israel News - Surroundings / Ultra-Orthodox battle for a green promenade

Even though pedestrian traffic on the promenade will not be separated by gender, it is sufficiently wide enough to prevent crowding and inadvertent contact and thereby will ensure the observance of codes of modesty. Along the length of the promenade there will be greenery, but there will be no hidden nooks, also for reasons of modesty. The benches will be situated in bunches so that couples will not be tempted to find a place where they can be alone.

The highlight of the promenade's design (and the object of anthropological curiosity on the part of a secular observer) will undoubtedly be the eruv (the halakhic practice that enables observant Jews to carry objects on Shabbat beyond a designated area). Unlike the wire that is usually strung around a designated area within which items may be carried on Shabbat, the eruv here will be embedded in the structure of the promenade and is a key element in its design, yet meets all the halakhic requirements for having one.

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