February 23, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Blogging vs. Writing vs. Reporting

I'm working on my first piece of journalism in quite some time, and the contrast with blogging -- or op ed writing -- is striking.

As a blogger, I could just throw out facts and quotes and questions for those who care about the matters at hand.

As a journalist, I need to keep in mind the reader who may never have heard of the broader question, and has no interest in the fine points that I revel in.

As an op ed writer, I can lead with my spin and take on the matter, convincing you that my perspective is right and those who disagree are wrong, wrong, wrong.

As a journalist, I really do have to ask whether the piece is fair to all concerned.

As a blogger, I can wait as long as I want to polish up a post (or let it sit in my growing queue of pending posts).

As a journalist, I have a deadline. It's a job, not a hobby -- so perfection is not something I can necessarily afford on every story.

As a blogger, I can tear into the old-time media for playing by old, outdate rules.

As a journalist, I'm stuck with those rules until my editor -- and perhaps my readers -- are convinced otherwise.

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