February 17, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Breadcrumb sins? Bob Dylan's Passover schedule revealed

Bob Dylan's spring concert schedule has been updated through April.

22 April Fri Mashantucket, Connecticut Foxwoods Resort Casino
24 April Sun Atlantic City, New Jersey
25-30 April Mon-Sat New York, New York Beacon Theatre

Nothing scheduled for the first seder night; maybe he's interested in visting us in Teaneck before his Atlantic City concert the next night?

The Upper West Side certainly offers lots of access to hametz-free takeout, if he's so inclined.

Speaking of the Upper West Side, Peter Himmelman spoke there on behalf of Edah a while back, and to head off the inevitable questions about his father-in-law, he said something like this:

Seders with my wife's family are always special. In the middle, my father-in-law will grab a guitar that's lying around, jump up on the table, and start singing:

Lay, Lady Lay.

Lay across my big flat bread.

Ba bum bum.

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