February 15, 2005

by Reb Yudel
The Idan Reichal Project

Israel’s top pop band touring Bay Area campuses, reports the typographically-awkwardly-named j, the Jewish weekly serving San Francisco:

The Idan Reichal Project has released two multi-platinum albums there, emerging as the country’s No. 1 pop band.

A lot of that, says the dreadlocked Reichal, has to do with the band’s multicultural emphasis, especially on the musical style brought to Israel by the influx of Jews from Ethiopia.

“We represent the music of Israel 2005 as I see it,” says Reichal in a phone interview. “This is about emerging cultures and blending cultures. In Israel, about every 10 years there’s a new immigration — from Iran, from Russia, from Ethiopia. This project is about merging it all.”

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