February 15, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Another brick for Jewish renewal

The publication formerly known as the Northern California Jewish Bulletin reports that an originally Berekely-based Renewal congregation purchases building

“When we first started almost 21 years ago, we had no idea to what extent this was a congregation that was here to stay,” said Rabbi David Cooper, who was just ordained by the Renewal movement’s Aleph program last month. Cooper has been Kehilla’s acting rabbi for years. The founding rabbi, Burt Jacobson, is still involved, but not in day-to-day matters.

“Maybe we were just a fly-by-night phenomenon, something that would be around for year or two like a lot of other alternative congregations, and then would fade away,” said Cooper.

But the building is proof that Kehilla isn’t going away. “We now have a sense that those of us who started it in our 30s will grow old in this congregation and will be there for each other.”

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