February 14, 2005

by Reb Yudel
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: Don't believe everything you read in the papers!

Did the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism really side with the Orthodox Union in support of an anti-gay-marriage amendment? Despite what you may have read in the Forward -- or in my previous post on the subject -- it seems not.

Here's the word from their press office, in response to my query:

As it happens, the Forward never contacted us and their story is inaccurate. We have no statement and led no charge against the resolution.

The JCPA has not yet announced which resolutions will be voted on at the plenum and it is not possible for us to determine our position on any specific resolution until that time occurs. At any rate, we opposed certain wording in the draft resolution for reasons of halakhah and suggested different wording.

So please, Gentle Readers, ignore my overwrought tightrope-in-the-wind metaphor for now, and in this context. The United Synagogue is too clever to fall for this highwire act.

If only the other arms of Conservative Judaism prove so clever....

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