February 13, 2005

by Reb Yudel
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism supports gay marriage ban? [update: No!]

Updated 10:30 am, on Valentine's Day This week's Forward report on JCPA resolutions -- the annual chance for all the Jewish organizations to try to come up with some common statement on everything from welfare in the midwest to warfare in the mideast -- has some provocactive remarks about the Conservative movement's policies. I posted them in this space last night. Unfortunately, after checking with a spokesperson this morning, they turned out to be mistaken. So who's better? The blogger who posted first, and then sought a response, and then issued a correction? Or the newspaper, which published and then didn't get a response? The original post, and the official reply, is after the jump. Relevant paragraph from this week's Forward report on JCPA resolutions:
The O.U., along with the Conservative synagogue movement, led the opposition to the anti-Federal Marriage Amendment resolution.
My response to the story:
The Conservative movement is walking a tightrope on this issue. They probably think they're brave; if they look harder, they might notice that it's a very long tightrope, they're very high up, and a hard wind is beginning to blow....
However, my windy windbaggery was for nought, it seems, because this is what the United Synagogue had to say:
As it happens, the Forward never contacted us and their story is inaccurate. We have no statement and led no charge against the resolution. The JCPA has not yet announced which resolutions will be voted on at the plenum and it is not possible for us to determine our position on any specific resolution until that time occurs. At any rate, we opposed certain wording in the draft resolution for reasons of halakhah and suggested different wording.
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