February 13, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Too few degrees of separation!

So I was just about to note, with raised eyebrows, how odd it is to see Arthur Herzberg interviewed by Lyndon LaRouche's Intelligence Review, and mutter something about my previous post in which I find myself siding with Pat Buchanan's magazine (!)... when a look at Technorati revealed that I was being cited as an authority on Palestinian leaders in a posting some Russian blog! Which turned out to be reprinting a piece from Alexander Cockburn's Counterpunch entitled, inevitablity, "The Formaldehyde Solution? Condi Rice and the Neocon Plan for the Palestinians". With help from Google it turned out that Counterpunch was crediting me with an analysis from the much more credible (and knowledgable on such matters) Yossi Klein Halevy, who had been quoted in a Harvard Crimson article which I had indeed cited on YudelLine, back in 2003.

From The Crimson to Counterpunch... what a red-letter day for yours truly!

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