February 13, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Canadian Cosher Chicken Crisis?

Jewish Whistleblower brings word about problems with Canadian Kosher chickens:
The Marvid Kosher Chichen plant strike in Quebec, Canada enters its 5th month. There are violations of the Labor Code, a worker was fired for union activities, and just read the conditions workers are protesting in and the reasons why they are on strike.
Once again, a blogger seems to have scooped the American Jewish print press. Then again, the Jewish Whistleblower is Canadian, and seems to have better access to Nexis to boot than does JTA. TrackBack

1) It's scandalous that none of the Jewish tree huggers have made any noise on this.

2) An interesting aspect of this story is that due to the strike Empire Chicken is being imported by Marvid and being re-labeled as Marvid Kosher. Those in the industry will remember that just 2 year ago Empire tried unsuccessfully to block 2 Canadian Poultry companies (1 of them Marvid) from importing to the US.
And now Empire is allowing Marvid to repackage their product under their label? What strange bedfellows. And doesn't this make Empire a scab?

Will the tree huggers continue their silence? Will the ethical treatment of people continue to come a distant 2nd to the ethical treatment of animals? Will they continue eating this Empire "scab" chicken while decrying Rubashkin? Will Empire pay a price as a scab? Stay tuned!

3) Although I have access to multiple databases and numerous high-level sources, this one came from Kashrut industry sources and Google.

4) The Jewish Whistleblower is 100% American. But I do have a worldwide network of whistleblowers.

Posted by: jewishwhistleblower at February 13, 2005 2:24 AM

Part of the reason, this hasn't made the press is that some of the material are in French (Quebec labor board decisions) and apparently people haven't heard of Google's translation tools.

Posted by: jewishwhistleblower at February 13, 2005 2:44 AM

Please see these items online:

The Militant - January 31, 2005 -- Montreal poultry workers strike ... of Trade Unions (CSN), have just entered their fifth month on strike. The employer,Volailles Marvid, is the largest certified kosher poultry abattoir in Quebec ...

Archives: JTA Story ["Fowl play at kosher chicken plant" - last item, issue Nov 12, 2004]
... chicken plant A strike at Montreal's only kosher chicken supplier has left the community
short on chicken. Some 100 employees at a Marvid kosher chicken plant ...

Posted by: Arieh Lebowitz at February 19, 2005 2:43 PM
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