February 11, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Anyone know of any yeshiva which teaches Chinese?

PC Magazine's John Dvorak has some important news:
Meanwhile, for those of you who missed the news, Steven Chen—the supercomputer designer and one-time protege, then competitor, of Seymour Cray—has decided to go to China to develop his next generation of machines. Yet another example of the reverse brain drain taking place in the U.S., where expertise and knowledge are freely being shipped to India and China. As if the budget deficit and sagging dollar weren't bad enough. The Chinese are quite interested in developing a supercomputer market, and they have plenty of money, thanks to the American penchant for buying cheap Chinese products by the truckload.

This story, which should have been a front-page news item across the country, was lost during the election coverage, when people seemed more concerned about John Kerry's Vietnam record. We have one of the most influential computer designers in the world working for China, and nobody notices. Chen's newest designs are massive hypercube-like arrays and powerful blades using Opteron processors. At this point, it's looking as if the Opteron is going to become a building-block chip for many supercomputer designs. By the way, I'm convinced the Chinese are going to put a man on the moon much sooner than we expect. Take note.

You did notice that IBM sold its pc manufacturing division -- makers of the laptop on which I am writing this post -- to a Chinese company last month, right? And you noticed that Bill Gates has started buying Chinese currency, didn't you? TrackBack

I'm just old enough to remember, but people were saying the same thing about Japan 15 years ago. And they've gone absolutely nowhere since.

Posted by: Joe Grossberg at February 11, 2005 7:38 PM
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