February 11, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Where's the beef? JTA Hebrew National story doesn't cut the mustard

If the Jewish Telegraphic Agency really wants us to surrender our demographic data so they can get more sponsors for their online news products, perhaps they should refrain from serving up turkeys of reporting like this one, It’s no baloney: Kosher eaters are facing shortage of salami.

JTA reporter Chanan Tigay manages to ignore what should be the meat of the piece: Does the shortage reflect an upsurge in observant Jews eating Hebrew National now that its kashrut has been approved by both Orthodox and Conservative authorities? Has there, perhaps, been any impact from the scandalous behavior of the leading glatt kosher slaughterhouse?

JTA, apparently ignorant of those two issues, went instead to the OU for a quote and Menachem Genack happily obliged with spin that as much as said, kosher Jews don't eat Hebrew National. TrackBack


Also weird that there is no discussion of Hebrew National's questionable status among kosher eaters, and the Conservative movement's unequivocal embrace of the new certification under Ralbag. When Larry Silverman of the Newark Star-Ledger reported the Hebrew National shortage on JANUARY 26, he wrote, "Ironically, Hebrew National is no longer held in the highest esteem by many Orthodox Jews, who want a more rigorous certification known as glatt kosher, sort of a super form of kosher." Granted, JTS has done zippo to publicize this at large; when I mentioned this to Meir Rabinowitz, who recently visited the ConAgra plant and reported favorably on its procedures during a talk in Teaneck, he said the movement preferred to disseminate such information through the rabbinate. But no reason JTA couldn't have called and gotten the info.

Posted by: Silow-Carroll at February 11, 2005 3:18 PM
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