February 4, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Haredi leader confesses: Torah values can't solve urban problems!

Or so we can deduce from the editor's note in the latest Jewish Observer, apologizing for parts of its recent article celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bnai Brak, Israel's leading haredi city:
Several readers...took... exception to some critical remarks regardnig aspects of Bnai Brak -- that are likely no different from the situation found in other large cities.
Not having read the offending article, we have no idea whether the reference was to traffic jams, jay walking, or something more serious.

But: Likely no different from other cities? You mean, they might be unique to TorahTown?

And even if not, shouldn't -- if Haredi propagandists are to be believed -- following Torah make the city better than less pious places? TrackBack