February 1, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Tuma, Tahara and Mada: AJS session on 'Purity from the Bible to the Mishna'

Today's lucky Google find: “Purity from the Bible to the Mishna,” a collection of papers from a session of the 2003 convention of the Association for Jewish Studies. As the introduction explains:

The recent years have witnessed a spate of studies on the topic of ‎purity in ancient Israel, spanning the Bible, the book of Jubilees, the Dead ‎Sea Scrolls, the Mishna, and more. The seminal work of the past several ‎decades has been that of Jacob Milgrom, culminating in his massive ‎multivolume Leviticus commentary (Anchor Bible) (1991-2001). Three ‎monographs devoted specifically to our subject are those of Hyam Maccoby, ‎Ritual and Morality: The Ritual Purity System and Its Place in Judaism ‎‎(1999), Jonathan Klawans, Impurity and Sin in Ancient Judaism (2000), and ‎Christine Hayes, Gentile Impurities and Jewish Identities: Intermarriage and ‎Conversion from the Bible to the Talmud (2002).

For the record, I've browsed Milgrom's magestrial commentary but have not read the other works under consideration.

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