January 31, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Who busted Buster Baxter?

Education Margaret Spellings pulled the trigger.

But who aimed the gun that laid low that insidious rabbit, Buster Baxter?

Consider: The first official act of the Secretary of Education is to go after PBS?

Since when does the Secretary of Education look at upcoming episodes of chidren's television shows?

Sure, Spellings isn't new to DOE. But still....

Here are a couple of other clues discovered at the scene of the time:

  • Spelling went after Buster the week following Dobson's attack on Sponge Bob (and followup attack on the critics who ridiculed him).

  • One day before Spelling's Buster-bashing, the New York Times ran an article in which Christian Right let the word go out that they wouldn't help the President beggar old people unless he helped them bash gay people.

I can imagine the usual suspect orchestrating this.

It would be nice if someone in the press were to do some followup here.

One more thing I want to know: Who's the mole in PBS who leaked news of the episode in question to the Party operatives?