January 26, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Numbering the tribes of kosherdom

Apropos of yesterday's venture into demographic predictions, and Zach Berger's musings about Conservative Judaism, Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, research director of the National Jewish Population Study, posted to the H-Judaica email list some figures about Jews who keep kosher in the house but not out of it.

Details after the jump.

The National Jewish Population Survery 2000-01 asked two questions about keeping kosher:

1. Do you keep kosher in your home? If yes, then:

2. Outside your home, do you keep kosher?

The survey data are weighted to provide population estimates. Some quick data runs show that approximately 700,000 Jewish adults (18 years older or older) say they keep kosher in their home, and of those, about 425,000 also keep kosher outside their home. The difference - about 275,000 - are those who keep kosher in their home but not outside (or provided answers that indicate their observance outside the home is somewhat lax).

Furthermore, about half of those who keep kosher in but not out are Conservative, but all the denominations/movements are represented in this group to varying degrees.

These are rough estimates

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