January 6, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
His eye is on the sparrow...

Ron Rosenbaum addresses God and the tsunami:

Let me concede that yes, there are many paths to faith, but it is an underappreciated scandal that, philosophically, the "age old question" of theodicy has not been satisfactorily answered without resort to vague evasions ("Itís all a mystery," "We just canít understand Godís plan," "It will allow good to manifest itself in the hearts of the survivors," "We live in a fallen world," "The dead are better off in heaven").

To which GetReligion's Timothy Lott replies somewhat, uh, vaguely:
I'd issue some kind of grand retort here but, like I said, this stuff just does not move me. That people are rotten, or that the earth shakes, it seems to me, do not count for much against the possibility of a good and loving God whose actions in this world are not always easy to discern or explain.

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