January 3, 2005

by Reb Yudel
Orthodox at Cross Currents rival Christian "moral values" crowd for whining hypocrisy

Over on the aptly-named Cross-Currents, Orthodox luminaries are demanding an apology for "hate speech" posted by a high school student leader of the Reform National Federation of Temple Youth.

Quiz: Which of the following paragraphs are from the controversial youth group lesson plan, and which is from a book published by a (non-blogging) Orthodox spokesman regularly published by the non-Orthodox media? Put your guessing caps on!

  1. Orthodox Judaism views the Reform movement as
    -Less religious, therefore less Jewish -Not real Jews because we don’t observe properly
  2. Orthodox Judaism views leaders of Reform and Conservative Judaism, at least those learned enough to know better, as
    not so much meant to be hated as enemies and wished dead for the sake of 'revenge' or to see them dead. The way we hate such people is not like the 'cat hates the mouse,' but rather like the 'storekeeper hates the vermin' which infest his store, not hating the vermin themselves but wanting them gone in order to arrest the damage they are causing. We resent their existence. So, in lieu of the fact that we are not allowed to physically harm these people today, we should still treat them with utter contempt and disrespect, avoiding contact with them as one would with any destructive fiend."
  3. Still haven't gotten it?

    Hint: The paragraph in question was only removed from the web version of the online book within the past year or so. TrackBack


I assume the quote is from Avi Shafran. I certainly agree that the statements are repugnant. But wasn't the book published something like 30 years ago? It would seem to be best to ask R. Shafran for an explanation and whether he would retract what he wrote then.

Posted by: Joe Schick at January 4, 2005 9:21 AM
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