January 3, 2005

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
More on Israel and Sri Lanka

The Israeli Consulate is distributing a fax from the Sri Lankan Government, which says "the generous assistance readily given by the Government and people of Israel at this hour of need is highly appreciated by the Government and people of Sri Lanka."

As to the reports the S.L. had rejected an Israeli rescue team asociated with the IDF, the Sri Lankan government explains that it was

constrained to request delaying the arrival of the 150 member Israeli rescue and relief team, while the medical supplies and food offered by the Israeli people were accepted. This was due to the lack of accomodation available in the country at this point and skilled manpower required for medical attention becoming adequate for the present in many areas.

This may be spin, of course, but I'd rather have spin than condemnation. Clearly both governments want to erase the impression that they are at odds.

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