December 20, 2004

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Bah Humbug? Pure bunkum

Another article on the "Save Christmas" movement that seems to buy into this phony "trend": Key grafs:

While Zamorano's boycott has yet to pick up any real steam, his campaign reflects a growing resentment among many Christians that creeping secularism now has its sights set on Christmas. It's part of the annual "December dilemma" for people who say the birth of Jesus Christ is increasingly overshadowed by excessive commercialism.

Frustrated over nativity scenes that are unwelcome in public squares, Salvation Army kettles that have been banned from Target stores and school "holiday" plays that feature Hanukkah songs but no "Away in a Manger," they've had enough. And Macy's will be the first to pay.."

The RNS story, like so much of the reporting on this story, is a parody of trend-spotting articles. "[A] growing resentment among many Christians." Growth measured how? "They've had enough." Who is this "they," besides a few columnists, Bill O'Reilly, a one-man outfit like the "Committee to Save Merry Christmas," and the media echo chamber? Have the courts, the ACLU, and/or religious defense groups recorded an uptick in the number of institutions seeking to "secularize" Christmas, or challenging such attempts? Was there a major court case this year that moved the issue in one way or another? If there is any trend here at all, it one among Christian activists on the right, and their right-wing allies from O'Reilly to Krauthamer, who have hit upon a media-friendly issue to further drive a wedge between the red and blue. Frank Rich nails it in his Dec. 19 column -- a pretense by members of a triumphant majority that they under siege by a marginalized minority.

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