December 17, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Doctor's Plot:: William Hurwitz falls victim to Adminstration's war on non-faith-based pain relief

Another Jew faces life in prison, via Reason: A pain doctor's drug trafficking conviction sets a chilling precedent:

Although the evidence they presented in his trial made it clear Hurwitz was not a drug trafficker, they still managed to convict him of drug trafficking.

The prosecutors did not dispute that Hurwitz had helped hundreds of patients recover their lives by prescribing the high doses of narcotics they needed to control their chronic pain.

The prosecutors did not claim Hurwitz, who faces a possible life sentence, got so much as a dime from illegal drug sales.

Our tax dollars at work. Merry Christmas!


PLEASE! How can you even start this out as an attack on Jews. This man is responsible for the death of more than one person; he was reckless and careless, far from the angel you paint him as.

From January 1996 to February 2001, He was prohibited from practicing for 23 months. So in 39 months he had four patient die and a patient come near to death. And he did make money on each patient, $1000 initially and $125 a month for each patient whether he saw them or not. But the 1,879,677 pills prescribed by Hurwitz to just 24 of the 400-plus patients he treated from 1998-2002 led to drug addiction, drug dependency and death. That means that the average patient took over 50 pills a day?! That may be accurate in VERY FEW pain cases through out the US but it is in no way "The Norm".

This man GETS to go to prison, and he GETS to visit his family on visitation day. He had a jury of his peers to hear the charges, then consider the evidence, and then BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT convict him on FIFTY of sixty three federal charges.

Not a single one of the four people he murdered got the luxury of a jury to determine their fate. Not one of the four people he murdered got the luxury of getting to visit their children one last time, to talk to friends and loved ones, to write a letter, or to say good bye.

This angel also divorced his wife - gave her all their money and community property, she then "married" neighbor friend of theirs, but she never packed a bag and neither did Mr Hurwitz. They only got divorced on paper, and remarried on paper so that it looked like he was penniless. That does not sound like the things an innocent man would do. When the DEA went to arrest him, he and his "ex wife" were having breakfast both with their wedding rings on. And no new husband to be found.

Posted by: Jen at January 16, 2005 10:32 PM
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