December 16, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Two years in prison for forging a "handicapped" parking tag?

That seems to be the gist of this Newsday story about a Long Island crackdown on bogus handicapped parking permits.
Calling it "the lowest form of human endeavor," Suffolk County Sheriff Alfred Tisch last month vowed police would crack down on drivers using altered, forged and fake handicapped parking permits - and, for the first time, charge them with felonies instead of merely issuing them a summons.
For those of you who thought that, yes, humanity could and has gotten lower than counterfeiting parking permits, well, get over it. Even Bill "Some of my best friends are Christmas-loving Jews" O'Reilly has acknowledged that drug-dealing only "used to be considered the lowest form of human endeavor" [empashsis added].

So tell all your terrorists, grave-robbing, massacre-perpetrating, draft-dodging, pension-thieving, innocent-torturing friends to buck up: They could be doing worse. TrackBack


I have a feeling most of the handicapped placards in Columbus are fake. I would venture that not even 30% of the folks that I've seen park in such spaces warranted it. I know multiple people with placards that were issued as part of a (no-longer-needed) prescription years ago. And believe me, they take advantage of every close parking place they can get.

Posted by: Chris at April 9, 2010 9:36 PM
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