December 14, 2004

by Reb Yudel
On Star Trek, have we got an intermarriage!

Creative Couplings, Book One, #47 in the Star Trek Corps of Engineers e-book series, goes on my Amazon wish list:
"While Stevens and Gomez deal with some Starfleet Academy pranksters, Gold has to deal with a much greater problem: the first-ever Klingon-Jewish wedding."

When you click on the image on the right you get a starfleet captain who eerily resembles a certain Vladimir Illyich Lenin, lead singer for the original Red Squares.

Incidentally, you were the bloke who sold me on the idea that Alexander's rite of adulthood reflected the religious ambivalnces of the writers at STNG. Which means Clingon really stands for Boro Park. How can you call it intermarriage, then?

On the other hand, a Jew and a nice Vulcan from Connecticut, now you're talking -- and that's been done in the original ST, with Mr. Nimoy. So where's the chiddush?

Posted by: Yori Yanover at December 15, 2004 6:55 AM
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