December 3, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Moral Leadership and the Rabbinical Council of America?

If his latest Mordecai Tendler Update update is to be believed, Luke Ford may really have a better case at being a "moral leader" than does at least one Orthodox rabbi:

A rabbi in the RCA gave their complete file on rabbi Mordecai Tendler to rabbi Mordecai Tendler. The women who accused Tendler were not allowed such access to the file. The women spoke to the Praesidium investigator on the belief that they would be kept anonymous. It feels like a bad rerun of the 1989 Baruch Lanner case.
Note, though, that while Luke's allegation is unsourced, it is also sufficiently non-specific to fend off a libel suit, even if false. Luke may be allegedly crazy, but he certainly is careful....

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