December 2, 2004

by Andrew Silow-Carroll
Stiff-necked? Not us

Writing about evangelical Anglican Rev. John Stott,
David Brooks writes that

"Stott is so embracing it's always a bit of a shock -- especially if you're a Jew like me -- when you come across something on which he will not compromise. It's like being in 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood,' except he has a backbone of steel."
Why would a Jew be shocked to find someone who doesn't compromise? I guess he's never been to a shul Board of Trustees meeting. His comment is both self-congratulatory ("I come from a tradition that values compromise") and self-deprecating ("would that more of my people had backbones of steel"). Brooks seems to envy the uncompromising: He wrote back in March that
"while religious dogmatism is always a danger, it is less of a problem for us today than the soft-core spirituality that is its opposite…. We’ve got more to fear from the easygoing narcissism that is so much a part of the atmosphere nobody even thinks to protest or get angry about it."
Just what we need these days -- religious leaders who are less easy-going. TrackBack
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