November 30, 2004

by Reb Yudel
For the yeshiva geek who has everything.... including agoraphobia

As seen in the Jewish Observer: Otzar Ha-Hochma Full Library packs 15,000 volumes into a 300 gigabyte external hard drive.

The list of books included runs nearly 300 pages.

And all for less than $2000!

From the marketing copy:

If you love Seforim... specifically Judaic texts, then you will absolutely want this massive collection. Otzar Ha-Hochma is extremely user-friendly and easy to install, it is really "Plug & Play". Now Plug & Play are not the kind of words you normally use to describe Seforim, but never the less Otzar HaHochma Mega Library is just that... "Plug & Play"... making it easy to use and very efficient.

Consider this... with Otzar HaHochma you will have access at you fingertips to the largest collection of Judaic Books ever assembled for computer use. You must be wondering how big, is big? Well, to give you an idea how big it really is, consider this... you'll have instant access to over 15,000 VOLUMES that is over 4 MILLION PAGES of TEXT. And because it is computerized, you can search centuries of scholarship & wisdom in less time than it takes to open a book to the right page!

Another feature your Otzar HaHochma Mega Library has, is its rare and out of print editions that until now were found only in a handful of Libraries and Museums. These "re-discovered" seforim will open a whole new world of Torah scholarship for you.

Because the developers kept all the Seforim in their original format, you can view Original Hebrew Text... in their original format, just like you would read any conventional sefer. But with Otzar Hahochma more than just reading can be done... Searching - Hypertexting and adding your own links permit you to access and use this library in ways that were never available before... And when you finish your research and find exactly what you need, you can print any page in full or select any portion of a page and paste it into your wordprocessor. What could be nicer than that?

It is truly amazing... it is a breakthrough product... Otzar Hahochma's technology permits everyone to own a massive MEGA TORAH LIBRARY for a fraction of the price conventional seforim cost, and have it all in the space of less than 10 inches!

What's really nice about Otzar Hahochma... is the ability to study away from the computer. You can print all your notes and original text and take them wherever you go. In some ways Otzar HaHochma is like owning you own Printing Press...If you need a certain page, chapter or even a full book just print them out and take them along wherever you go, no need to feel hostage to your computer's screen!

There is no doubt about it... This is a program who's time has come - it

Features - Otzar Ha-Hochma Full Library

* Otzar HaHochma is an extremely good value - just figure the price and what you get and it works out to less than .15 cents per book... Where in the world can you buy a book for fifteen cents? In addition it is virtually impossible to assess the monetary value of the books in Otzar Ha-Hochma, since among the thousand of volumes there are many rare, out of print and virtually priceless books.

* To help you again focus on the immense size Otzar HaHochma consider this... If you wanted to study the weekly Torah Reading... Otzar Hahochma permts you to access over 1200 books and commentaries on that subject! Now that is amazing... Imagine all the different points of view you will have the opportunity to explore... Truly Awesome!

Partial listing by category:

* 3100 books of commentary on Tanach
* 740 books of commentary on the Mishnah
* 3700 books of commentary on the Babylonian Talmud
* 270 books on the Jerusalem Talmud
* 670 books of Midrashim on Jewish law and Aggada
* 610 additional books expounding the Midrash
* 820 books on the Shulchan Aruch and commentary
* 760 books on Kabbalah
* 2150 books of Responsa spanning over 2,000 years
* 2700 books on Jewish law and customs, Minhagim
* 750 books on Hassidism
* 700 books on Jewish History
* 390 books on Tractate Shabbos and its laws
* 330 books on Tractate Bava Kama
* 140 books on Tractate Zevachim
* 220 books on Ethics of the Fathers
* 250 books on the Book of Esther
* 1050 books of periodicals and memoirs
* 80 books on Aggadic Parables
* 90 books on the 613 commandments...


Personally, if I see I'm running out of space, I delete the Ramchal and the Mishna Brura. Actually, why wait until I'm out of space?

Come to think of it, can you get a partial refund if you erase some sources?

Posted by: Yori Yanover at November 30, 2004 7:40 PM
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