November 24, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Fundamental, absolute pluralism

Andrew Silow-Carroll's latest column is up: Fundamental, absolute pluralism. Since I'm the one blogging it, let me highlight a paragraph quoting Yitz Greenberg's latest book:

"[T]he deepest truth is that unless we hold on to our absolutes in pluralist fashion they turn pathological and tend to destroy others.

We can avoid this pathology only if we get to know the limits of our position.

My truth cannot or does not cover all people, all possibilities, or all times, because God wants others to contribute. We need the checks and balances to prevent the spinning out of control of our individual positions.

That is why our [Christian-Jewish] dialogue is so vital and so necessary. We are embarked on one of the great moral adventures of all time: to give up triumphalism, to accept that it is God's will that will be done, to accept the fact that we are only servants and agents, and to know that we have not been the sole vehicles of God's love or the redemption that is coming."