November 23, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Worthy new blog

LAMED is ATID's blog roundup of articles, resources, and occasional commentary for Jewish education. Lamed is updated a few times a week by ATID's Jerusalem staff.

Atid is "The Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions", but importantly it's a modern Orthodox Jewish educational think tank, headed by Rabbi Chaim Brovender.

I'm adding this to my blogroll, but to give you a taste, I'm linking to the first paragraphs of a posting that's topical even for those with not connection to education:

If you teach Sefer Yoel or Shmot (or even just getting ready for the Seder a bit early this year), the approaching plague of locusts which began hitting Israel today is a great opportunity to deal with a bit of "realia" in the classroom. (Of course, for farmers--and all dependent upon them--this is a potentially tragic occurrence. Don't forget this.)

You must see the eyewitness account of the 1915 locust plague that hit Jerusalem as recorded in the Luach of Rav A.M. Luntz. It cited in the Da'at Mikra to Yoel (p. 16, note 59) in Trei Asar, vol. 1: (excerpt and loose translation here)....

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My buddy Rabbi Jeffrey Saks is the director of ATID; a great guy and a worthy project.

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