November 11, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Miracles and Wonders come to Teaneck!

The following announcements are from the pricelesss TeaneckShuls mailing list:

Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeirah Shlita,of Be'er Sheva, the grandson of the Baba Sali Z"tzkl is in the United States for a rare visit. The holy Rav, world renowned, pillar of Torah Judaism, giant of our times, who turns the many to righteousness, whose prayer on behalf of others are fulfilled, for complete health, blessing and wealth, happiness, children, marriage and peace between husband and wife; will be visiting Teaneck on Monday November 15, 2004.

The Rav will be available from 6:00 - 7:30 pm for women, whose requests will be conveyed to the Rav through an intermediary.

At 8:00 pm, for men only, Rav Abuchatzeirah Shlita will deliver a Dvar Torah and words of chizuk and will be available to speak to men only until 10:00 pm.

And also:

Rav Alfasi the disciple of the holy Tzadik, Baba Sali Zt"l, will be in Monsey for one day only. Rav Alfasi will be seeing people on Sunday, November 14th by appointment only. Those wishing to get a bracha or advice from the Rav, please call...

So, what's up? Is this really Modern Orthodoxy? What would Rav Soloveitchik say?

I did some Googling of the host of the Teaneck event, and the picture gets even stranger from a sociological point of view.

The apparently faith-based denizen of the world of Sephardic wonder workers / charlatans is also a successful professional, a highly recommended doctor living in a million-dollar house.

What does it take to qualify as a "holy man" to members of Teaneck's modern Orthodox congregations?


Don't see what the price of the house has to do with it -- I think you're combining theses about Modern Orthodox who support Bush out of pocketbook issues, plus a certain religious obscurantism that you feel is both at odds with MO and in line with Bush supporters. But I don't think you need to make the case at the expense of the guy's privacy ("privacy" of course being a relative term when so much of this info is out on the Web). Of course, more interesting to me as an outsider to the MO community is the idea that a man of science would host such an event -- although who knows, in his line of work he may have seen things for which science alone cannot account.

Posted by: Andy at November 12, 2004 8:33 AM

You're right about the privacy; I've revised the posting so it no longer includes the host's name, address, property tax information, and professional information. Google is indeed a scary tool, and I think I went over the line into irresponsibility this time. I think I've been hanging out with a bad blog crowd.

As to the two theses: I want to bring the "obscurantist rich" into the conversation. The rich folks I used to hang out with understand economics, the dangers of trade and budget deficits, and social responsibility. They also didn't put much faith in miracles. This may be something new.

Posted by: Reb Yudel at November 12, 2004 9:31 AM

"Requests will be conveyed to the Rav through an intermediary?" This is not MO. This can be categorized as fear of women.
This site has a good sense of humor.

Posted by: Leah Borden at December 29, 2004 12:35 AM
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