November 4, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Campaign Confidential Confesses

Forward Senior Political Correspondent Eve Kessler reflects after offending some readers of her blog:

Campaign Confidential: My Apologies

I didn't start this blog to be a 'blogger'; it was initially a way of being able to post news items to the Web site without bothering our production department.

But then I got seduced by the form.

As I warmed to having a blog -- and if you have a blog, you have to FILL a blog -- I started posting ruminations, comments and asides as well as links, source material, etc., in a stream of consciousness way. Some may say a thoughtless way. Whatever. You saw me have a conversation with myself -- which is what a blog is for most people who keep one.

Anyway, I should have been mindful that I had an audience -- a couple of hundred visits a day, as it happens -- and that the half-formed thoughts and bits of choler and pique I posted would resonate in ways that I didn't intend. If anyone felt hurt or abused, I'm sorry.

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