November 3, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Metablogging Protocols and the Jewish Queston

DovBear writes:

HE READS PROTOCOLS?: Your Jedi mind control tricks no longer have any effect on me Luke Ford!! Some masochistic bozo is reading Protocols so I don't have to. Ha! Ha! I'm finally free to do as I please. Free of Luke's hypnotic powers. Free of the overwhelming, all-conquering urge to visit Protocols! Free of my indefensible desire to read the latest self-serving blurbs from Chakira and Adam Ragil.

So is this what it feels like to think for myself?!?!

This is great! This is wonderful! This is sarcasm!

What kind of idiot reads Protocols (I could stop right there, eh?) and then reprints essentially the whole thing on his own worthless blog, and then boasts that he's doing us all some sort of tremendous favor? Hey buddy. Why dontcha' take out the garbage so I don't have to, tough guy. Then, we can talk.

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