November 2, 2004

by Reb Yudel
From the Kos comments

Daily Kos :: Comments Open Thread #81

Losing sucks. I was a Phillies fan, my first day as an RFK volunteer was the California primary. I feel for all of you. You put your guts into this, and came up short despite your best efforts. You didn't do anything wrong. The Democratic party will be better off tomorrow than it was the after Bush-Gore or 2002 thanks to you. Cold comfort I know, but please, after the rest you need, come back here and get to work. Your country needs you.

Put the ego on the shelf. Speaking for myself, it doesn't matter a damn who's president. I have a great job that pays me to go to ballgames and shoot my mouth off. Someday I'll inherit wealth, so my personal future isn't an issue.

I've been luckier than I deserve all my life. That's why I'm a Democrat. That's why you mean so much to me. I voted and worked for John Kerry because the people who REALLY lost this election have np recourse. They're huddled in basements in Fallujah, or nervously getting ready to storm those basements.

Things are going to go bad very quickly in the next 2 years. It's an even-money bet which comes first: Sharon bombs Iran's nuclear plants. and we get $125 a barrel oil, or China pukes at the next Bush budget. drops $150 billion in 10-year notes on the market, and everyone's mortgage payment goes up $1000 a month. And those aren't even the worst possibilities.

I hate activism. Doesn't suit me. But I'll be here sometime tomorrow, hungover and ready to go. We've moved into the danger zone. No turning back


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