October 31, 2004

by Reb Yudel
And now for something completely apolitical

Menachem Butler reports on the Yale Symposium on Future of American Judaism

Ever optimistic for the future of American Jewry, Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, chancellor of Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Conservative), said that the new challenge facing the American Jewish community is "to produce more serious Jews. As long as there are serious Jews, the community will survive, but when there are no serious Jews left, then the organized Jewish community will fall."
We need more serious Jews?

How about more leibedik Jews? More funny Jews. More humorous Jews. More side-slapping, rib-tickling Jews.

More Lenny Bruces, Woody Allens, Dan Berns, Daniel Boyarins, Jon Stewarts.

Let's organize: Levites for Levity; Cohens for Comedy; Jews for Jesters!

I think that would do more for the Jewish future than all the serious symposia in Syracuse.

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